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Longevity and Wellness

Longevity Consults

Live better, longer.

Meet with Dr. Sarah to discuss the pillars of longevity:  staying active, eating well, prioritizing sleep, reducing stress, maintaining social connections and a sense of purpose.  These work in synergy to support healthy aging. She will help you get on your way to living a long and fulfilling life.

Hormone balancing

Recharge your life.

Hormones are a big deal. They are key chemicals in our bodies that influence our sex drive, response to stress, weight loss, muscle and skin tone, fertility, sleep and other critical systems. This means that maintaining healthy hormone levels is an essential part of experiencing wellness, and that low levels of hormones or hormonal imbalances can degrade quality of life for both women and men.

Medical Weight Loss

Achieve your goals.

Weight loss is about far more than numbers on a scale… it’s about loving your body and loving your life. Unlock your path to a healthier, happier you with our medical weight loss program. Our comprehensive approach combines expert guidance, personalized plans, and proven strategies to help you achieve your weight loss goals safely and effectively.

IV Vitamin Infusions

Refresh and revitalize.

IV vitamin therapy is an alternative to traditional oral supplements that efficiently delivers essential nutrients to the body. Unlike oral supplements, IV vitamin drips bypass the digestive system, allowing for quick and complete absorption of nutrients. Allow yourself to feel restored, refreshed and revitalized with our custom blends for your wellness goals.

Cold Plunge & Infrared Sauna

Our 140-degree infrared sauna will leave you desiring a plunge into the 37-degree icy water.

You will be given everything you need to have a successful session including a private space, towels, slippers, a pre-heated sauna, and a pre-cooled ice bath.

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